Tuesday, December 6, 2011

this time around

now that i am back here, i wonder if there is any reader at all for this blog of mine?
oh well, i abandoned it a while ago and now i have return. for long, i hope.

anyways, living the mundane life of a student, i do nothing but study, study, assignments, and datelines. nothing special.

nonetheless, as life play its role in the cycle. several bad news struck. still difficult for me to digest, but i know no one suffer more than anyone else but those involved. (i hope that makes sense)
what other way to comfort the other than to be just there. not to speak, not to blabber anything but just be there. as a friend, as a stranger. i wish that i am able to say more, to comfort more but things are beyond my control as the one involved is the one and only one to control all that's within.
all i can do. i wish and hope for the best and that time be quick enough to heal the wound within. let there be scar but at least a beautiful scar that carries thousands of beautiful memories to remember by. but not as an incident of regrets and sorrow.

and from there, my life continues from classes to the present holidays. all that had happened before, i let go. let everything be wipe out and start anew. it may be different every now and then but one thing for sure, the past is bygone.

i fear no more of rumours. i think no more of others' judgment. i feel no more of unnecessary emotions that swirl inside of me.

i wanna live life the way i want it to be. may not be to the fullest yet. but definitely the way i want it to be.
i wanna go for swimming classes, drum classes, join the gym, hangs out with my friends. the dearest of mine. so be it.

this is my life and this is how it's gonna be. :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

From Within

the more conversation, the more misunderstanding. the more trust, the more lies i discover. the more hope, the more disappointment.
i am done talking. done explaining. done voicing out all my dissatisfaction or when i'm being upset.
because despite the many times of attempt, it always end up being useless.
never had i understand u, so why try so hard now?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Smasshiinng 21!~

had a wonderful 21 celebration. was smacking delicious with the uber cute buttons cupcakes around and a total wonderland with all the decorations; cute lil' ribbons around the chairs, dreamy trees with butterflies and cute lil'' lollies trees. credits given to my sister, she made all this possible :)
could not thank my families and friends for the awesome celebration, amazing surprises and great gifts:)
grateful and blessed, could and would not ask for more.
i had a real good time,my 21 is truly special and memorable <3

*more pictures on fb;)*

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


infidelity comes in various form- its not solely on physicality. sad but true, not all of us know that. it may seem harmless but its definitely not at times. trust; it's hard to earn in return once its broken. despite the many attempts, all attempts are just plain useless. 'there are no secrets between anyone'- this is utter bullshit. soulmate? not a believer. spending the rest of your life with someone? in my naive days, perhaps. past tense that was.

ignorance. silent treatment. mood swings. couldn't be bother, do whatever you like attitude. lies. that's when you know the he or she has lost the confidence, what more of trust. so stop trying so hard.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Journey down north

2 months and 2 trips
both down north
different destination though
awesome trips they were
truly fun
my semester break was truly enjoyable and it's all thanks to peeps of the above :)
next up...all gear up for classes and assignments.
before heading to another awesome mawesome trip
looking forward to that :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lil' Shawn All Grown Up

all grown up
still cheeky
as mischievous as ever
and still lovable ~ :)

Endless Love~


walked into a total stranger's life
and stories spill
while my ears were listening to her
my mind went on a trip
thoughts and images come and go like a film in play
a mother's love knows no boundaries
a mother's sacrifice knows no limitations
a mother's worry knows no ending
aren't we too quick to judge
when we all thought she will be alright
just from her outlook
the tough, non-fragile look that she put up everyday

even your darkest day she would stand side-by-side
even the scariest moment in life
she would stood so high with all the courage
just to back u up
even the saddest second in life
when ur tears just could not stop flowing
you know that you could run to her and pour your heart out
despite all that we know
we took advantage and pledge ignorance towards what she feels or thinks
yet silence fills her mind
she complain nothing
whine about nothing

a mother's love indeed knows no boundaries
this is not written in occasion with mother's day
everyday shall be mother's day to all mums out there
and for this, this particular post
is for u
the iron lady at home :)