Friday, November 12, 2010

perfections within imperfections

if you seek for perfection, then look at imperfections beforehand. perfections are made up of imperfections. the word PERFECT exist within the many imperfections that we are. no one is perfect, not you, not me, not that dude sitting beside me in Starbucks, not that girl with full-makeup and the best svelte figure. why not just accept and embrace those imperfections, make the full out of it instead of constantly something that is of non-existence?


  1. love what ms monroe said. i mean, LOVE. and totally agree with it too. coz it's effing TRUE.

  2. wth since when i became "lorrie"? hahah!

  3. hahahahahaahahah!!!!! ah wen! since when u bcame lorrie???? for a moment thr., i kept wonderin whos tht..LOL!~